“You can tell that [Grant] tried hard to deliver something different for her readers ”
~ Under the Covers

Donna Grant has done something quite new and unique with this series. While we’ve seen a lot of Paranormal Romance and some Contemporary Romance from her, she’s gone for a different route with The Kindred series. This new series is a medieval romance with a little bit of a paranormal twist. However, what is unique about this series is that the main characters aren’t supernatural, their enemies are.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a medieval romance, especially one with some paranormal aspects in it so I was eager to try this series. Grant has always been good with historical settings, but it did take me a while to get into this book. Maybe it was the setting or the writing style, but it did require some time to adjust to.

Another interesting thing about this series is also the characters. The heroine, Leoma, is slightly different than Grant’s other heroines and although I can easily explain why, I think part of what makes this book enjoyable is if you discover this for yourself, especially if you’re a Grant fan. You can tell that she tried hard to deliver something different for her readers and I’m glad she decided to release this book. I look forward to jumping back into this world with the next book in the series.



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