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“Beautiful from start to finish, EVENTIDE OF THE BEAR has become my favorite of the series!”
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In the third book of the Wild Hunt Legacy, Cherise Sinclair delights readers with a sweet but sexy story about an injured werebear, a grizzly warrior and a panther shifter.

Sweet Emma was injured when she tried to save human children from being attacked by a hellhound. On the brink of death, she was found and taken in by Ben and his people until she fully heals. It’s at the same time that Ryder, the panther shifter returns after years of being away. This time though, he is not alone. He has brought his four-year-old daughter Minette with him after having learned about his daughter and taking her away from her abusive mother.

As you can tell, there’s plenty more going on in this story than just a hot time. All the characters have quite a bit of depth to them and that’s why this book felt more like a Paranormal Romance than just something sexy that we are used to from Sinclair. She actually takes a lot of time in this book, building up the relationships. I have to appreciate something like that because when you have three main characters, it’s can be a little more tricky to believe in their love in one another. But with these three, I really felt like they cared about each other by the end. The romance is very strong in this book and thus, it made for a very beautiful book.

In addition to that, Sinclair also has some terribly cute moments with Emma and Ben’s daughter, Minette. These were actually some of my favorite parts of the story because not only does it show the kindness in Emma’s heart but it also showed how she was able to gain Minette’s trust, and in turn, Ben’s trust as well. Since he is so wary of every female he meets after what had happened, this is an important part of the story.

Beautiful from start to finish, EVENTIDE OF THE BEAR has become my favorite of the series!




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  1. Nice review. I love this series, and yes, I think I have to agree – this one may be the best. Ms Sinclair does an amazing job developing the characters. Truly a beautiful paranormal romance.