“…when it comes to the romance I didn’t buy it.”
~ Under the Covers

I was highly anticipating this book because I usually am with this author and the theme of a Vegas story with a bit of suspense just seemed like something right up my alley.  But then I started reading it and quite frankly it rubbed me the wrong way.  Maybe it was my mood?

The heroine is young cocktail waitress who catches the attention of one of the most ruthless businessmen in Vegas.  I don’t want to give spoilers away but there are a few things that helped this book not convince me.  First, there’s an age gap between the main characters, the hero being older, as well as different social standing which causes for some questionable power dynamics.  Age gaps have to be done properly for me to be ok with them and in this case it felt off from the very beginning.  There’s also another detail about the hero’s life that I wasn’t a big fan of but it’s a big part of the story.  I’m going to be totally vague on that, sorry, but it wasn’t my biggest problem.

I think the fact that the power dynamics are off and the heroine never came across as someone with a lot of common sense started me off on a path of not loving this book.  Then there’s the fact that when it comes to the romance I didn’t buy it… at all.  But if you’re insta-love you will probably be all over it.  Dario’s obsession with Bell from just one look and a couple of words didn’t ring true for me and I never got that feeling to go away.

There is a suspense plot in this duet but it’s not as heavy on the suspense in this first installment.  That definitely kicks into high gear at the end of this book and leaves you with a cliffhanger which will have you wanting to read the next one soon.  Good thing it’s releasing shortly.  I will probably read it at some point to know what happens next.

The thing I’ve come to realize with Alessandra Torre’s books is that I really enjoy her suspense, whether it’s the storylines in her romance or her suspense books.  But I generally struggle with the romance connection.  This was no different in that and if it wasn’t for the curious (and little OCD) side of me I probably wouldn’t read the next one.


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  1. Sorry this didn’t work for you. However, after reading your review it wouldn’t work for me either.

  2. Too bad this book wasn’t for you,th for the review Francesca! I don’t much I like any book with instant love their never very believable! Shared on all my socials!!