“This novel had it’s classic Cecy novel which included funny characters, sexy scenes, and a very sweet love story.”
~ Under the Covers

Both Luci and Landon were dragged to a New year’s Party by their friends who decided they needed to get out. Their hopes are for these two to get out of their miserable state and possibly meet someone new. They both have a baggages that they can’t seem to let go and this party will give them that jump start to their new beginnings.

I enjoyed Luci and Landon’s story. It’s about time they come out of their comfortable little holes and live their lives like they should. After what they have experienced; it’s definitely a well deserved HEA.

I thought long and hard on how I feel about Landon. He had a hero complex that was a bit much for my liking. He just tends to be attracted to women who needs saving. While I like my dose of a “knight and shining armor” hero, he has to be strong enough to want a woman who is also independent in her own way. Here’s my conflicted thought; I love that Landon is the saving kind of man. There‘s just something about a man who wants to take care of his woman…I love this trait very much. But some parts in this book focused too much on his “hero complex” and that was not attractive to me. In contrast, I did love his flirtatious ways, and I love that he gave her space when she asked for it. I swooned over his attempt to win Luci’s beart. So, as you can see. I’m all kinds of conflicted with how I feel about Landon. He’s not my favorite hero, but he is sweet overall.

I did however enjoyed the overall story. This novel had it’s classic Cecy novel which included funny characters, sexy scenes, and a very sweet love story. I’m excited to read more of her work.




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