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“This book, this series is nothing short of amazing.”
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My review will probably say nothing new compared to all the five star review for this book or any other book in this series. Most likely it will say how awesome this book or this series is or how Jones has godly writing skills as she sucks us all into Charley Davidson’s world so deep we’re left in a worse case of reading slump. It will also say how funny, emotional, nail biting and how sexy this book is. In truth, every word is meant with a passion and I’m sure I speak for everyone in that group. This book, this series is nothing short of amazing.

Charley Davidson, private investigator aka the grim reaper is dealing with a case that is connected to her husband, Reyes, AKA son of Lucifer. Though he refuses it, it will reveal plenty from his past. His past breaks my heart but this book will give Reyes some kind of retribution. Charley will also unveil the secret that her uncle Bob has been hiding from her. This part gets a little emotional for me. Ubie is such a big teddy bear.
As far as Charley and her identity, let’s just say she is more comfortable with her self now. With the help of Roda(Reyes/yoda), he will teach her new tricks of the trade. Charley, of course will excel at anything she does. She is pretty awesome!

Like any other book in the series, Charley will also crack you up with her jokes, puns, and her ongoing random thoughts of everything and anything. I don’t know how Darynda comes up with all these jokes and puns.

Amber got a little more page time in this book. I love how Jones solidifies Amber’s role in Beeps’ life someday. I wonder how Jones plans to fast forward to her life! I hope she does anyway. She is adorable.

Darynda ended this book with a “Oh Charlie, what have you done!” coming out of my mouth. I am truly clueless to what’s going to happen and as always…I will always want more. Cheers DaryndA, another job well done.



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  1. I loved the mellow feel of this one, but I was nervous too because I could feel things were getting ready to blow. And yep, that ending left me doing an ‘eep’ this is not good.

    Great series and I’m fangirling right there with you, Angela!