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“So far, of all the cozy mysteries I’ve tried, I have to say that Laura Childs does my favorites.”
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EGG DROP DEAD is the newest book in the Cackleberry Club series. If you haven’t read this series before, I’d describe it as a small-town mystery that also has a lot of humor and heart.

Suzanne is the main heroine of this series but she does have some wonderful sidekicks in the form of her best friends and co-workers, Petra and Toni. When Suzanne heads to a neighboring farm to pick up some dairy, she finds Mike Mullen brutally murdered. Horrified, she calls it in but not before she does her own bit of investigating.

I really like Laura Childs’ style of writing mystery. The murders always happen very early in the book and I think that really sets the story into motion. Immediately we are looking for the murderer and seeking out suspects. She usually has three or four possible subjects, but I also like the twists she puts at the end of the books. It makes them a little less predictable and more fun.

This particular book also has a Halloween theme to it as well so at the time I’m reading it, it’s a great way to get me into the spooky spirit. So far, of all the cozy mysteries I’ve tried, I have to say that Laura Childs does my favorites. The murder aspect is always so engaging and thrilling but I think the real reason I keep coming back for more is because of the characters. I have really come to care about Suzanne and her friends, so it’s really no wonder why I keep looking for more stories with them in it!




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