“The writing was engaging and the characters were complex and interesting.”
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DUKE OF MY HEART is my first foray into Kelly Bowen’s writing and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  The storyline especially because this is like nothing else I’ve read before.  See, the premise of the story is about a woman whose job is to cover up society’s indiscretions, for a fee.  Miss Moore finds herself at the Duke of Alderidge’s home during a party because his sister is nowhere to be found, and there’s a dead body naked, tied to her bed.  Her job is to cover that up so there’s no talk of wrong doing, salvage the reputation of and find the Duke’s sister.  The Duke though, has just gotten back himself from India as he spends most of his time as a Captain of a ship and has no clue what’s been going on back at home.  Different, right?  At least it was for me!

The pace of this story was good even though at times may have seen a bit slow.  There was no major excitement for me but a steady interest.  Which is great in its own way.  The writing was engaging and the characters were complex and interesting.  I did find the solution to this whole mess a bit easy in the end, but nonetheless getting there was enjoyable.

I can’t say that either of these characters woe themselves into my heart, though.  They were both ok characters but nothing major stands out about them to me to make me remember them later on.  There are some side characters that I found interesting and I do think I would like to see their books in the future.

All in all, this was a great intro to this author and at least I’ll have one more historical romance author to explore this year!

On a completely separate note and I just had to mention it….. Doesn’t the cover model look just like Katie Holmes? LOL




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