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I think we’ve all been there.  Picture this, you’re drunk one night wallowing in your lonely life (or sometimes not so lonely) and you take to social media to try and find a guy you used to know.  In Rana’s case, she not only finds her childhood best friend Landon, but manages to get his number and drunk dials him.  Her family used to rent a garage apartment from his parents, and they basically lived on the same property.  Their friendship was very close but never more than that.  Until Rana’s parents up and left because they claimed Landon’s parents threw them out for not paying the rent.  There wasn’t even time for a proper goodbye between the friends.

Now Rana hasn’t really done what she wanted with her life, she’s working as a belly dancer, and after much struggle she is at a place where she’s comfortable with who she is.  Landon is living in a different state after going through a lot of his own personal struggles, bu when he hears Rana’s voice he can’t help but want to find out what’s happened to his BFF.  From the drunk dial to their phone calls and texts, their friendship quickly blossoms and other feelings are quickly added to the mix.

I thought this was such a sweet and charming story!  It got my attention from the first page and I couldn’t help but fall in love along with the characters.  Both Rana and Landon are special individually and together they are just perfection.  I also loved that this was a pretty unconventional story and something that I haven’t read before.  But while there’s a lot of sweet and easy about this story, there’s also quite a bit of emotional and more serious issues.  This book deals with the topics of body image, body altering, self esteem, adoption and more.  I think that it’s all handled in a way that doesn’t feel heavy but it still rounds out the story nicely.

All in all, this is probably my favorite solo work by Penelope Ward.  It was a delicious read and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.







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