Dream lake was an emotional book from beginning to end and I loved every minute of it, every tear and every smile. Alex has been through the ringer. Everything that could go wrong for him has. His wife divorced him, she’s selling the house that he lives in, business is slow, and he’s becoming an alcoholic like his parents. He is not in a good place and definitely not where he should be to meet a good girl.

But he does. And Zoe is sweet and understanding, a giving person. Truly what he needs to come out of his rut. And, of course, it helps that she’s smoking hot. She needs her house remodeled to start taking care of her grandmother who has special needs and he takes on the job, against his better judgement. He knows he should stay away from Zoe, he’s no good for her. Their relationship builds up slowly and perfectly even against both of their better judgements. It’s hot and sweet and even sad at times. Just perfect!

Then there’s the ghost. Alex picked up a ghost companion at Rainshadow Road and now he has to help him figure out who he is. The ghost is just awesome! I loved him from the beginning and how he’s intertwined with the story was just amazing and magical.

Dream Lake was gripping and once I started it I couldn’t stop until I finished it. It consumed me for the short time that I read it in. Another hit from Kleypas! Truly masterful. Even as it brought tears to my eyes more than once. One of my favorite reads of 2012!

Favorite Quote:

“No matter what I become…I will love you! No force of heaven or hell could stop me, and damn anyone who tries. I will love you forever”.

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. I had gone off Lisa Kleypas for a long while. Used to be a total Historical snob. Someone suggested Rainshadow Road. Got it at the library and I have fallen in love with LK all over again. What a beautiful story. Even the little magic touches. And I usually shun such things. But the butterfly. Aww…Loved that story!

  2. @krazymama I agree the magical touches are…well magical while you are reading. It gives the story a whole new level of awesome!

    @Sophia Rose & @cutiephinphin, hope you get to read it soon. It is a beautiful story

    @Kathleen, it’s a great series. Unique in a way only Lisa Kleypas can do.

    @Timitra and Nancy, hope you get to read this soon. It’s a great read! Even though I cried for 20 minutes straight!


  3. There are only 2 or 3 authors that are must buy right away authors. Lisa Kleypas is one of them! Whether historical or contemporary, she can’t go wrong! I simply can’t wait for this book!

  4. I love LK’s books, she’s one of those who can write both historicals and contemporaries and do it beautifully, with great attention to detail.

    Rainshadow Road made my heart feel good and made me smile. The magic was a very cool element to incorporate into the story but the magic, for me, was of course more so the chemistry between the characters. It made the inclusion of magic all the more poignant.

    I can’t wait to get lost into Alex and Zoe’s story. A tortured hero who’s afraid to love and a warm, beautiful heroine who’s a lot stronger than she appears.

    Another beautiful, magical LK story to get lost in!

    Thanks for the review.

  5. @Loupe, I’m sure you’ll love it and thanks!

    @Pam, this is a perfect story and it’s bound to make you smile and cry and leave you with a content feeling 🙂

    Hope you all enjoy it! Comes out tomorrow!!!