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“There are all kinds of “Luke, I am your father” type of moments, which left me awe struck and my heart pounding.”
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If you know Kenyon’s Dark Hunter world, the series can get very complicated but oh, so good!  Dragonsworn is the second installment of the Dragon Rising series set in the Dark-Hunter world (28th),  and part of the Lords of Avalon series.  Also, an anticipated read for me because Falcyn is not only a sexy dragon but the oldest Drakomai dragon with a dry humor. Not to mention the grouchiest dragon in this series. Seeing this guy get his HEA will be such a treat!

It took me forever to read this book, only because, I got sick and my summer schedules suck.  I will admit that it had its slow bits, especially the first half but the other half gets pretty exciting.  There are all kinds of “Luke, I am your father” type of moments, which left me awe struck and my heart pounding.

Falcyn is everything I expected.  He is all heart through and through despite his tough, grumpy persona.  He is totally kick ass, scary mofo, but super sweet and he is loyal to his dragon bones.  I’m glad he found his well deserved HEA in Madea.  She is just as kick ass and loyal as he is.  Their journey to another world was interesting, but I loved most the comradery between Falcyn, Madea, Maddor, Blaise, and Brogan.  Their snark made me laugh.  Like I mentioned there were times that the pace slowed for me but overall it was a good read.  I do advise that if it’s too slow, to hang on til halfway through the book.

Though this book focuses on Falcyn and Medea, it’s your typical Kenyon MO novel to lead you to more questions and needing more stories of other characters in his world.  There’s so much more information with other characters, but the ones especially intriguing are the reveals about Urian, Pheobe, Maddor, and Apollymi.  Yes! Apollymi.  Is Kenyon finally setting up for her story? My thoughts were perhaps the connection between her, Acheron, and  Savitar will be revealed at every page I turned.   All valid question right? But the end leads my questions a whole different direction and it just about blew my mind.  I apologize if I speak and riddles, but it’s hard to say too much without giving any major spoilers.  Unfortunately, most of the Dark Hunter world requires you are up to date with the series or you’ll miss out on a lot.  As I said before with my previous reviews, every installment is worth your time.  With all that said, I will patiently wait for the next book.  I don’t care that it’s a convoluted and complicated long ass series.  I love this world and I can’t get enough of it!




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  1. I used to read her religiously, but then I got a bit bored with The Guardian and Time Untime. I’ve heard Styxx is incredible but heart-wrenching so I’ll have to prepare myself before I read that.