Oh.My.God! This is one hot little story.  Of course I have a thing for a man in uniform and an honest to God Air Force pilot can push my buttons.  Add to that that he may have a kinky side and I’m all for it.  But Ryan Haverty (aka “Fang”) is not kinky in the way you are thinking.  There’s no tie me up and spank me in this book (well, there is but in a completely different context).  This story is about role playing.Ryan has always had fantasies of being with women and dressing them up.  He’s wanted the schoolgirl, the french maid, you get the picture.  He also thinks he is a sick fuck for wanting that everytime he thinks of sex because of a bad experience with his ex.  Now, I don’t see the immediate problem with his likes or his way of thinking.  What I did see a problem with and why this isn’t a 5 star book was Ryan’s disgust for his own wants.  Constantly.  That’s all he thought about and talked about.  How sick in the head he was for wanting to have sex with a girl while she was on her knees with pigtails and a sexy skirt.  I say…. whatever floats your boat, get over it already.  He was getting annoying at times with that.

That being said, this is one hot book.  What starts out as a one night stand between Major Ryan Haverty from the Air Force and Cassandra Whitman, a waitress from Las Vegas, slowly turns into something else, something more.  They are truly a perfect fit.  She is just daring and carefree and funny enough to draw Ryan out and make him forget about his rules and live the life he wants.

I loved this quote:

“Fucked in a sex shop? Been there, done that. Bought the naughty Goth costume souvenir.”

Even though this book might seem like a fantasy after another (you may want to take notes for future reference, just staying) it also developed the characters and their connection.  They both had issues to overcome although Ryan’s issue just made me want to punch his face.I am so excited to read about the rest of the Vegas Top Guns.  I see from the blurbs that Jon and Leah are not going to end up together.  =( I was rooting for that!  But I can see how their friendship and dynamic could work better with separate love interests.  I’m excited to read about them, so bring on “Tin Tin”.

*ARC provided by publisher

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