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“Foster does this one so damn well.”
~ Under the Covers

If you’re a fan of Lori Foster, you may find this book interesting because it features not one, but TWO couples who get their HEA at the end of this book. I can’t say I have encountered many Contemporaries which feature two main couples, but Foster does this one so damn well.

The heroines are two best friends, one of which has just recently moved into a new neighborhood. Her neighbor turns out to be a bunch of really hot guys (how unfair is that?!) and they come over to give her a hand with moving in. Of course, the feistier of the two, Lexie, tries to convince her friend Honor to make a move on Jason Guthrie, but Honor is just way too shy. So Jason and Honor’s romance is really more of a slow burn. But don’t be fooled into this it’s a wishy-washy romance. It’s not like that by any means. There’s hotness in spades and I was actually really impressed with the way Foster managed to balance out both romances.

Of course, Lexie gets her own man in the form of sexy Martial arts teacher Sullivan Dean. This romance is far more swift and fiery, but it does fit the characters well. I liked that Foster chose these two polar opposite romances to feature in one book because I feel like there’s something for everyone in this book. There’s also a nice small-town feel that I absolutely adore. I’m already on my feet anticipating the next book in the series. Again, it will feature two more couples and I’m so curious to see how Foster will deliver.

I would definitely suggest putting this in your TBR pile. Not only do you get double the dose of romance, but there are quite a few hotties in this book to ogle and swoon over. But remember, I’ve claimed them all. No, sorry, you can’t have any *winks*




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  1. I’ve enjoyed almost every lori foster book I’ve read…she is a definite go to author for contemporary romance

  2. I really like Lori Foster’s book, I’m a few books behind on her releases but they’re on my TBR pile.

  3. Great recommendation of an author I’ve read previous books of. Will definitely add this in my long TBR list.

    Gotta know, which of the two couples/heroes/heroines is your fave in this book?