“DIRTY DEEDS was pretty steamy…”
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I’ve been curious about HelenKay Dimon’s m/m books for a while, but I hadn’t picked them up.  When this was recommended, I knew I should jump on it.  But this is a spin off series and I was worried I would feel like I should’ve read the original.  Rest assured that is not the case.  I was able to jump in and read this as a standalone without missing a beat.

That being said, there were things about this story that I enjoyed and others that fell a bit flat for me.  Overall, it wasn’t a bad read.  It’s definitely fast and pretty sexy.  I liked the techy/geeky elements as this is all about cyber security and the CIA, and it brought something new to the table in terms of what it was all about.  I’m a sucker for these plots.

Other things fell in the cliche category.  This is a billionaire romance with a enemies to lovers trope and the main plot is all about food espionage (that last part being the not-cliche part).  The food espionage was incredibly interesting to me and I think the author probably had to do some serious research about this.  That part felt cohesive and it made sense to me.  The trope-y stuff about the relationship, I wasn’t so sure about.

What I struggled more with was the fact that one of the MCs is planted into the others’ company to try and uncover what’s going on.  There’s a lot of distrust from both ends.  But because of all that distrust they are living under the same roof (keep your enemy closer and all that) and things move along pretty quickly to the lusty physical and then “feelings” part.  What I struggled with was believing that one could go from distrust to jumping in bed with someone so fast.  Especially when you’re dealing with that level of responsibility in business.

DIRTY DEEDS was pretty steamy, though.  While I never really connected 100% with either character or their relationship development, I still found the rest of the plot interesting enough to keep me turning the pages.  And the hot sex was definitely an added bonus.  But I’m not sure if this was all enough to make me rush to pick up the next one.




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