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“…it’s an excellent quick read and a taster of all the good things to come next year. ”
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Nevada Baylor and Connor Rogan are getting married. It’s a small (kind of) intimate wedding, with family and close friends only. If only Rogan’s family didn’t all hate each other. Catalina Baylor feels out of place in the luxury of the upper crust Houses, but she has a job to do: organise the wedding. So when a family heirloom is stolen she needs to take care of it, especially as only family had access to steal it. As Catalina investigates she realises the problem won’t be digging up something suspect…but deciding which dark and dirty secret has caused the crime.

The Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews was only of the gems of 2017. It had magic, mystery and mayhem, a spectacular romance and was packed with so many fantastic characters that I honestly wouldn’t have been able to decide who I wanted Team Andrews to write about next. Well, with this novella Andrews has decided it will be Catalina, Nevada’s sister.

Catalina is a Siren, which means that she can make everyone she comes into contact with fall in love (or more accurately become obsessed) with her. This has meant that she’s led a fairly isolated life as she has to consciously keep her power under control at all times. However, now that Nevada has created House Baylor she finds herself unable to hide away. This fact is really hammered home when she finds herself leading an investigation and having to use her magic.

Before this novella we don’t know a lot about Catalina. We know she’s reserved and shy and that her Siren magic is very powerful, but not much else. Diamond Fire gives us a deeper glimpse in to her personality in preparation for her own trilogy coming out next year. I really enjoyed it and ate up the pages. Some of this was because the mystery was interesting and I enjoyed seeing her digging up dirt on the unpleasant members of Rogan’s family. But mostly it was because I enjoyed getting to know Catalina and understand a bit more about her magic and how it’s affected her life.

If you are a fan of this series already then make sure you read this novella, it’s an excellent quick read and a taster of all the good things to come next year. If you haven’t read the Hidden Legacy series, I would recommend that you start at the first book Burn For Me. I don’t think Diamond Fire works very well as a standalone; knowing all the characters backgrounds’ and the events that has happened gives this book far more depth. spacer

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