“DIAL A FOR AUNTIES is just that. It’ll make you chuckle and have a good time.”

~ Under the Covers

I’ve seen this book talked about for a while and I was so excited for something funny and entertaining. DIAL A FOR AUNTIES is just that. It’ll make you chuckle and have a good time. Even when things are so outrageous that you just can’t believe they are happening. 

This is the story of our main protagonist, Meddelin, who goes on a blind date her mother had setup her up on and accidentally kills her date. She panics and brings the dead body back home to get help from her mom and aunties in hiding the body. All while trying to work a fancy wedding and a chance meeting with the love of her life, her college boyfriend she broke up with because she didn’t want to leave her family and was also scared of a generational curse.

As you can imagine, this has all the marking for a lot of entertainment. I mean, if you can put aside the fact she tried to cover up murder and only got herself in more possible trouble as the story went along. But it was fun! The aunties especially made this an awesome story. I loved their interactions and how they were all in to help their niece.

The thing is I was expecting this book to have more romance, thinking it was a romantic comedy because I’ve seen people online talking about it as such. Honestly, this was a good chic lit, think the perfect book-like Hangover movie. But the romance element that is part of this story wasn’t developed enough for my taste and relied to heavily on the fact that it’s a second chance romance and the old connection between the main characters. But after they reconnect, I didn’t buy into the quick falling back in love part. I guess that can be called a bit insta-lovey second chance? So, just don’t go into this looking for a romance and I think the book will suffer a bit less than what happened to me. I got my hopes up and ultimately was disappointed in that aspect.

I also saw this was being made into a Netflix movie and that is the perfect outcome for this story. I can’t wait to watch all this unfolds on a screen. I know it’ll be a successful comedy to watch. 

So if you’re looking for something to brighten your mood and make you smile, pick this one up!


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  1. Its reasonable to expect romance in a book billed as a “romcom”… I may give it a tumble…thank you.