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“DEVILS AND DETAILS definitely did not disappoint. … It was still a hell of a lot of fun to read!”
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I’ve been highly anticipating the release of this book because I really enjoyed the first installment in this series and I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.  DEVILS AND DETAILS definitely did not disappoint.  It brought the story tighter together for sure and a lot of questions are answered.  It was still a hell of a lot of fun to read!

Our heroine, Delaney, is left investigating a couple of supernatural events in this book.  First, the disappearance of all the Gods powers.  And second, a dead vampire killed using an old blood ritual.  I really liked that we get two things to focus on as part of the plot of this book.  One simpler to solve than the other, but I loved to see them multi-task on more than one thing.  It kept things interesting for me for sure.

I am fascinated by the mix of mythology and creatures in this series and this book interconnects them all quite well in the plot.  We get to see more of the werewolves and vampires as well as the Gods and now more humans that know about the supernatural.  The big bad in this story was not a huge mystery, I think as soon as it’s mentioned you are lead to believe that’s the unlikely culprit, but it was certainly entertaining to see it unfold.

This series doesn’t take itself too seriously and that’s one thing I love about it.  The fresh humor continues in this installment while presenting the serious cases our heroine needs to solve.  It makes this such a fast and enjoyable read and I find myself turning the pages with pleasure.  I find Delaney charming and I love being in her head.  She makes me laugh and smile and I’m always rooting for her.

This book will address more of the romance that we were left hanging with in the previous book.  Ryder continues to be a character I love reading about and, although in this book he was a bit unsteady because of the muddy waters he was treading, I am so very intrigued by the turn of events and I’m looking forward to seeing it all unfold in the next one.  We are left with a cliffhanger again as one of the cases is not completely solved.  That just means I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next one in the Spring of 2017.

If you haven’t picked this up yet and you want something different and highly entertaining then give this series a shot.  I am so happy I took a chance and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Favorite Quotes:

“Gods could be such drama queens.”

“Little known fact: a room full of angry gods sounds a lot like a bingo hall fight.”

“One grouchy god.  Check.  One pouty god.  Check.  Silver lining?  Starting a Monday out this bad meant it couldn’t get worse. — It got worse.”




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  1. I’m really interested in reading these but will probably wait til the series is done or there are no more cliffhangers.