DEATH WIND by Tara Grayce was an interesting instalment in the series.

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death wind by tara grayce

Death Wind by Tara Grayce

Elven Alliance #3
September 1, 2020

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After the cliff-hanger at the end of WARBOUND I couldn’t resist diving straight into this book. It picks up where WARBOUND left off: With Farrendel betrayed by someone very close to him (I’m avoiding spoilers!) and Essie escaping to find help and plan his rescue.

I haven’t rated DEATH WIND as highly as the previous books in the series. The quality of the book hasn’t decreased; however, the aspect I enjoyed most about this series was largely absent. And that is seeing Essie and Farrendel together and shyly loving – in a closed door romance way – each other. Of course, this separation was necessary for the plot and seeing Essie and especially Farrendel suffer after being torn apart did make this an emotional read in a different way. Especially as this isn’t the first time in poor Farrendel’s young life he has been captured and tortured: making the traitors actions even more heinous, they know how he suffered last time.

However, without the cute distraction of Essie and Farrendel’s romance it did highlight some aspects to the book I have previously just glossed over. Like the logistics of the elven and human alliance. I usually have no issues with suspending disbelief, but this book tested my limits. In a few week they hey managed to get two whole nations armed and ready for war and travelled hundreds of miles to a hostile kingdom to mount a rescue of Farrendel. I mean. Come on. That would be a problem before you add the fact that elves and humans have quite a bit of enmity due to a recent war between them.

It’s such a boring thing to have a problem with. I wanted them to save Farrendel, I did, it was killing me seeing my poor boy being broken to pieces, both physically and mentally. But. They mounted a full-scale war between two nations who have never cooperated before a few months ago in two weeks. It takes me longer than that to organise a zoom meeting between two different departments at work. It genuinely disrupted my reading of this book as I was thinking about boring things like how they managed to feed and arm their troops at such short notice.

But, pushing this firmly aside, it was an interesting instalment in the series. We are introduced more fully to the trolls and understand more about their culture. We also get more page time with Essie and Farrendel’s family as they all come together to rescue Farrendel. I suspect there may be another romance blossoming!

If you haven’t started this series you need to go and read FIERCE HEART and don’t be put off by this review. It is a good series, however, it’s strength doesn’t lie in the politics and logistics (there I go again) but in the relationships and how gosh darn cute it is.

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