“The biggest selling point of this series is definitely Tara. This girl is an absolute hoot.”
~ Under the Covers

If you’re looking for something fun but still suspenseful and full of action, then you’re going to love the Tara Holloway series. Tara is an IRS special agent. Wait! I know what you’re thinking…taxes…BORING! But no, this series is far from that. This series is actually quite hilarious and full of action so if you’re anything like me, you might be surprised with how much you’re going to like this series.

The biggest selling point of this series is definitely Tara. This girl is an absolute hoot. She’s fun and feisty and I just enjoy being in her head. She’s definitely someone I would love to be friends with. The narrative is often upbeat and spunky but there is also a great romance that blooms throughout the series. Nick Pratt has always been the apple of my eye ever since she started working alongside him. What’s interesting about this book is that Tara’s ex, Brett Ellington is now involved in her newest investigation. Talk about awkward! I love it and I have loved seeing these characters progress.

I do have one thing to say, if you’ve followed this series from the beginning then some of the jokes and lines the author uses may return again and again. Sometimes I didn’t mind it, but other times I did. It can feel slightly repetitive, but then again, they are good jokes. I just think that if you’re a loyal fan, you’d get tired of it. However, if you’re reading this as a standalone, it would still be fresh to you.

I’ve really enjoyed the journey of this series so far and seeing where Tara has ended up. And I also think if you enjoy the humor and style of Darynda Jones’ Charley Davidson series, then you’d probably like this series as well.




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