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My love for Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Pirates from her Deadman’s Cross series continues.”
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My love for Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Pirates from her Deadman’s Cross series continues.  Death Doesn’t Bargain, the 2nd installment focuses on Kalder Dupree, who captured my heart from the last book.  As a tortured soul, love does not come easy, but for his crew and his Cameron, he would give anything. It’s not hard to see that Cameron Jack and the Deadman’s Crew feels exactly the same way.  They would plow through the land and ocean and hell for that matter to get Kalder back.

Kalder and Cameron are the cutest couple.  Don’t get me wrong, they were nowhere close to being a sappy couple.  They are actually pretty kickass but super cute. They had danced around each other, until shit hit the fan and made them pretty much own up to their feelings.  I honestly like them more from the previous couple. I thought there were less angst.

What I liked most about the book is the continuous update of what is going on in this world and how the crew is tied in to the DH world.  Most especially tidbits of information about Thorn, whom the next book is suppose to be about. There’s of course the constant bantering between the crew and some action…the typical Kenyon fun.


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  1. Awesome review angela!!! I can’t wait to read! Love this series!! Shared on all my socials!!