“…it didn’t blow me away.”
~ Under the Covers

Sometimes highly anticipated books don’t quite live up to our expectations. That is not to say they’re not good, but we want more from them.

That’s how I feel about DEAR ENEMY. I generally love Ms. Callihans books and I thought this would be so addictive because … enemies to lovers! But it didn’t blow me away.

This is about a chef and a movie star and they were childhood nemesis. Years without talking, our heroine ends up working as his private chef and living with him to work off a debt her sister got into with him. And the sparks fly from there.

Ms. Callihans writing style is still reflected in this book and it kept me interested and reading this. But I was never fully invested in the backstory or the current plot line. So many things just didn’t make sense and I wasn’t buying into the story. Now if I didn’t take that in consideration, I liked the chemistry when these two were together.

Plus there were lots of things that could’ve been explored more. Like his stalker for example. Too many threads that were underdeveloped which made me wonder why they were even there. They didn’t love the story of characters forward. And that ending… I saw that twist coming from a mile away but what happened in the end felt like tacked on just for adding drama.

I hope that her next release sweeps me off my feet more than this one did.



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