“… be prepared for a slow burn romance, that is equal parts funny and sweet in a rather unique format.”
~ Under the Covers

Writing a letter to a soldier overseas seems like the least Ruby Santos could do. A letter or email a week along with the occasional care package to brighten someones day and break the monotony, she’d done it all before. However, she never expected that over the waves of cyber space to fall in love with someone she’d only ever seen in writing.

I loved the concept of this book, half of this is not told in the normal way, but instead a series of emails and IMs sent between Ruby and Aaron. Which, eventually switches to first person POV. This way you get to know Aaron and Ruby exactly how they get to know one another; through correspondence.

So, I loved the concept, however, when I started reading I wasn’t too sold on the actual experience and I have mixed feelings about it. It started at first, as you can imagine all communication between two strangers would, as stilted and polite and then gradually becomes more intimate and free flowing. And, as they become closer the emails and then IMs become more interesting. But, this did mean it took me some time to really get into the book and is a bit of a slow starter.

Much like previous Zapata books, the romance builds upon a friendship that has grown between the adorably goofy Ruby and Aaron and finally comes into fruition at the end of the book. So, be prepared for a slow burn romance, that is equal parts funny and sweet in a rather unique format.

Although this isn’t my favourite Zapata book, it is definitely worth giving it a try if you want to try something that is laid out a bit differently and has a good friends-to-lovers plot line.


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