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” This novel is packed with action, adventure, fantasy world full of mythological characters, and a happy ever after that is well deserved.”
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Oh, the amazingly brilliant mind of Sherrilyn Kenyon.  I can’t believe she made me fall in love with a pirate, which besides Captain Jack,  AKA Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean, I typically avoid like a plague.  Especially in romance books, just not my cuppa. But Deadmen Walking is so much more than just a pirate romance.  This novel is packed with action, adventure, fantasy world full of mythological characters, and a happy ever after that is well deserved.

Captain Devyl Bane and his crew of pirates made a packed with Thorn, to help hell from breaking loose.  But in this book, Bane’s biggest battle is his feelings for the Sea Witch he is bound to for years.  Mara has hated him since they’ve met and only now that they start to really see each other in a different light.  Trust and loyalty will be their biggest issue but I assure you, love will be their only hope.

Though it’s supposed to be the same world as Dark Hunter series,  it felt like a whole new world of magic, and characters full of color. Kenyon touches on Greek mythology as well as Norse and some Christian mythos.  It doesn’t surprise me that the world building is pretty amazing!

I love how this author lets us get to know the characters she creates.  Kenyon made it easy for me to fall for Devyl and Mara.  The good character build-up and the multiple POVs made that possible.   I felt their pain, thirst for revenge and the longing for a happy-ever-after in all kinds of angles.  

It wasn’t just about the H/h though.  I loved that the secondary characters were also developed well.  Though not in full stories, you will still get to know them and definitely want more.  From what I understand, Kalder Dupree, one of the crew members will be featured in the next installment(Death Doesn’t Bargain).  He had a lot of page time and the set up for his story was pretty darn good. I believe, Thorn will have his story within this series.  I’m assuming it will be the last installment, At Death’s Door.  Everyone, including myself, have been waiting for that story to happen.  Overall, a great start to Kenyon’s new trilogy.  




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  1. Awesome review!!! I love this new series!!! The characters are friggin awesome and Kenyon shows once again that she has the magic touch!!! One of the best storytellers I’ve ever read!!! ,shared on all my socials!!