“I feel like I could read about these boys forever.”
~ Under the Covers

DARKEST HOUR BEFORE DAWN is one of the books that I’ve been looking forward to. Since the beginning of the series, we learned that there was a past between Seb and Hudson and when Charlie Cochet said that they were finally going to have the rest of their story told, I was thrilled.

In this book you can expect the same fun-loving antics and suspense that the other books have. However, do expect some differences as well. It’s not going to be over the top crazy since this isn’t a Dex and Sloane book. Seb and Hudson are very different and the book definitely reflects that.

There’s a good amount of angst and emotion and this is definitely one of my favorite things about this series. You can’t help but feeling for these boys and if you weren’t rooting for these guys to be together before this book, you definitely will be when you read this one. Seb and Hudson are perfect for each other!

There is a presence of a new character that I really enjoyed. I liked how Cochet was able to create some conflict with his presence. It adds something extra with everything else going on. All the different layers are executed, creating a well-rounded storyline. I really didn’t want this book to end. I feel like I could read about these boys forever.




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  1. I haven’t read these kinds of books before, but it really intrigues me. My cousin is really into this kind of genre, so I might as well try this out.

  2. Thanks for the review. I can’t wait to read this book!!I’ve been rooting for these two since the beginning.