“If you’ve read Christina Lauren’s book before, you know to expect a steamy hot book. Yes, they delivered.”
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Dark Wild Night is the third installment of Christina Lauren’s Wild Season Series. This one is about Lola and Oliver’s story. After the spontaneous Vegas marriage, Lola and Gabe annulled the marriage and quickly became good friends. They had plenty of time to get to know each other and finally made moves to make into a romantic relationship. Oliver has known his feelings for her from the start but biding his time until it was right. Unfortunately, the timing is off for Lola. Her success with her comic book came very fast. The deal turning her books into a movie had left her super busy and unable to juggle her time between work and romance. She was overwhelmed. =(

I love how their relationship just bloomed from friendship to scorching hot relationship. I think they dealt with their Vegas marriage mistake in the best possible way…getting that annulment, and becoming good friends. When they finally got together they just couldn’t stay away from each other. The build up was really good.

Unfortunately, shit hits the fan and things went south fairly quick. Now that lola’s dreams have come true she can’t handle the pressure. This surprised me a little and I’ll be honest, a little disappointed. She had her goals straight and has a good head on her shoulders and being unable to keep up with schedules was not like her at all. Her decision that hurt Gabe surprised me as well. I thought it was a lame and a cowards way out of a problem that could have been easily avoided or solved. I will say that the resolution was done right. She owned up to her mistake, and Oliver graciously accepted her apology. There was a little angst but it was justified. Needless to say, despite my annoyance, I enjoyed the story. Especially enjoyed getting to know Gabe. He is exactly as I expected. Adorable to the core. He is very, very sweet and very, very dirty! I won’t go into details, but I’m sure you get my gist. If you’ve read Christina Lauren’s book before, you know to expect a steamy hot book. Yes, they delivered.



Lola finger-shoots herself in the head and pretends to collapse onto me, convulsing in fake death. Her hair sweeps across my arm, my skin bare beyond the short sleeve of my T‑shirt, and for the first time I don’t fight the urge to touch it. I cup my hand over her scalp and slide it down, dragging my fingers through her hair.

She tilts her head and looks up at me. “Oliver must be drunk,” she announces in a slur, though it seems I’m the only one who hears her.

“Why’s that?” I ask. My smile down at her is a subconscious thing; instinct in response to her proximity.

“Because you’re touching me,” she says a little more quietly.

I lean back a little to see her face better. “I touch you plenty.”

She shakes her head and it’s slow and lolling against my arm, finally thumping back against the booth. “Like a buddy. That was like a lover.”

My blood turns to mercury. If only she knew. “Was it?”

“Mm-hmm.” She looks tired, eyelids heavily demanding rest.

“Sorry then, Lola Love,” I say, brushing her bangs to the side of her forehead.

She shakes her head dramatically, one side completely to the other. “Don’t be. You’re my hero.”

I laugh, but she sits up in a surprising burst of movement and says, “I’m serious. What would I do without you right now?”

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