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“While DARK SWAN gave me everything I was waiting for so long, it’s also reignited my love for this series”
~ Under the Covers

Yes!  The heavens opened up and answered my prayers.  Dallas, in my hands, my greedy greedy hands.  Full disclaimer here that I think the males of this series are so sexy and so alpha and so delicious that you won’t be able to not fall for them!  But back to Dallas.  Whenever there’s a story I anticipate this much it’s a very exciting moment to start reading it but also it’s nerve wrecking.  The expectations that I’ve built up are through the roof, and quite frankly I have to wonder if the author can deliver.  My nerves were even bigger because this is a novella.  A NOVELLA!  I thought for sure Dallas needed a full length book in order to be the HEA I wanted for him.  He’s just so special.  So I was scared to read it but also couldn’t wait.  Let’s just say that… I should’ve just trust Ms. Showalter.  DARK SWAN is definitely not what I expected but it’s the story worth of Dallas and it does him justice.  I was quite happy with the heroine (another big fear of mine) and I found I connected with her from the beginning.  And I really loved how who she is brings a chapter in the overall plot to a close.  Dallas is his usual cocky self and thank God for that.  The man is hot, he knows it and he also knows how to use it.  I admit there was a lot of quote highlighting with this one, in part because of Dallas, but in part because this book features a bit of Devyn.  Now if you read my review of SEDUCE THE DARKNESS you’ll know I am head over hills for this cocky otherworlder and it was delightful to see him in this story as he is Dallas’ BFF.  Their dynamic is awesome and brought many smiles to my face.

While DARK SWAN gave me everything I was waiting for so long, it’s also reignited my love for this series and I hope we get to see a lot more from it soon!

Favorite Quotes:

“I can think of three things you need right now off the top of my head,” he said.
“Well.  Let’s hear them.”
“A spanking, a hug, and a good hard fuck.”

Lady Wicked wants her man.

“Every word and every action is a seed.  One day something will grow from it.  Whether good or bad.  Just depends on the kind of seed I planted.”




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  1. Thanks for not giving out the story! I am so tired of reviews that summarize the story and yet give no opinion on it!