Start your addictive journey into the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Dark Lover by J.R. Ward introduces you to a band of vampire warriors that will become family.

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Dark Lover by J.R. Ward

Dark Lover by J.R. Ward

Black Dagger Brotherhood #1
September 6, 2005

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  • Band of Warriors
  • Vampire romance
  • Found family

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How I love thee Wrath, let me count the ways…

Anyone who has spoken harems, fictional boyfriends, BDB or, hell, even their weeks shopping list with me will know about my slight interest in Wrath and when I say slight I mean rabid take-me-now-baby obsession. I can’t help it, I’m like Pavlovs dogs, hear bell start salivating, hear Wrath…start salivating. He is six foot six inches of muscle bound hot possesive male and king of the vampires, even if he doesn’t want to be. He is also part of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, a group of vampire males dedicated to stopping the Lessening society, a group of soulless humans, from slaughtering vampires. But one of their members have recently died, tipping favour in the lessers direction unless something drastic is done, the vampires need their King.

This is my favourite series. Ever. There is something about these books that hooks you and reels you in encasing you fully in BDB land, you can always tell someone in BDB land, they walk around with a haze in their eyes and a dreamy smile on their face and they all come out kicking and screaming. There are three things I like most about the Black Dagger Brotherhood books:

1. The WARDen’s writing. Her style is so exotic and unique, granted sometimes, especially in future books, you may need an urban dictionairy to understand what the Brothers are saying, but I think her writing really separates her books from PNR crowd, it completely cocoons you in their world. Her way with words can be beautiful as well, she has unusual ways of describing emotions and people that really bring it to vivid relaity to the reader, or atleast it does for me.

2. The Brothers. There are plenty of books out there, some better then others, which at its core has a group of warriors and throughout the series they all get hitched up with their ideal mate, for me BDB is the best of this group. Every single brother is well drawn out, reading these books is like coming back to see old friends. The relationships with eachother, as well as with their shellans gives these books warmth and more emotion then you can shake a stick at.

3. Wrath. Well, I LOVE him, seriously the sexiest character. Ever. Did you know my middle name is Elizabeth, I think that’s a sign.

I haven’t really spoken much about this book in particular, apart from waxing poetic about Wrath ofcourse, but all of the above applies to it, Dark Lover is the start of a truely fantastic series that will leave you panting for more with every page and every book. Welcome to a new obsession.

Why I Love Peaches…

Do you want to know what you taste like?” He said against her breast.

One long finger dipped into her body. As if he wannted her to know he wasn’t talking about her mouth.

She gripped his neck through his silk shirt, scoring him with her nails.

“Peaches,” he said, shifting her body, moving downward with his mouth, kissing the skin of her stomach. “Like eating peaches. Silky flesh on my lips and tongue as I suck. Smooth and sweet down the back of my throat when I swallow.”

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  1. I Love, love this series!! This is one the few that I first read and then I listen to it.
    I can’t wait for Lover Reborn
    You feel me?
    Fantastic review!

  2. I love the BDB too! I’m with Dalene, I can not wait to read Lover Reborn either. I haven’t started my re-read yet. I will wait another week and read all of the books again to get ready for Lover Reborn!!!

  3. I’m a RHAGEaholic love some Rhage and Zsadist too!!!! I haven’t read Wrath’s book yet but I will, I’m hoping to be caught up on this series this year!!!

  4. Hi! I noticed that you listed the main characters as Wrath and BELLA Randall, but it should be BETH Randall