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“The leap to read this book based on its cover was worth it.  Dare to Run was a good read and great start to a new series. ” ~ Under the Covers

I picked this up after seeing Jen McLaughlin do an author override here at Under The Covers Book Blog.  I am going to admit, I was immediately attracted to the cover and couldn’t pass up on the chance to review the book.  Can you blame me? I know, I’ve said countless times that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover… But again, can you blame me?

Though the cover doesn’t represent the hero to the tee, it’s close enough.   Lucas is as dangerous and sexy as he looks.  A bad boy to the bone.  Recently out of jail, Lucas jumps back to his very thug life as he never left.   He’s up in line to be the leader of Boston’s gang, The Sons of Steel Row and everyone knew it. Loyal and ruthless but not heartless.  He knows the life he lives is not for the faint of heart but after saving Heidi, a local bar owner from being raped, he inadvertently put them in a sticky situation.

The leap to read this book based on its cover was worth it.  Dare to Run was a good read and great start to a new series.  There was plenty of drama, betrayals and the gang rivalry was pretty intense.  I’m not sure how realistic their situation is but I found it believable.  McLaughlin certainly made it feel real enough just as much as their forbidden love.  She also did a great job with the pairing, not to mention the character build up. I love Lucas and his intense and dangerous persona.  He’s that bad boy everyone wants to tame and be saved by.  In contrast, Heidi’s strong yet light-hearted take on life, in general, was a fresh breath of air. I love that she’s strong, independent, and she can totally hold her own. Especially when it comes to Lucas.  Their interaction was always fun, flirty and full of innuendos.

I enjoyed the overall pace with romance, humor, action and steam.  I’m glad I took the chance to read this book.  Looks like I may have found a new series to follow.

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  1. Love the cover too Angela! Glad the book within was good too cause sometimes that’s just not the case…thanks for the review

  2. I will admit that it is hard to not judge a book by it’s cover. I know you shouldn’t but it is hard to not doing it. Books with good cover catch your eye. I’ve read some great books with horrible covers, I never would’ve picked them up if I hadn’t read great reviews for them. I’ve yet to try a motorcycle club series yet. I keep saying that I will give one a try. I like grittier romances, but just haven’t gotten around to it.