“This right here is my sci fi romance happy place.”
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I’ve always been a fan of Megan Hart, as you probably have noticed if you follow this blog for any length of time.  Her stories are always interesting and to me they delve a little deeper than just a romantic connection.  Dangerous Promise is the beginning of a storyline I can’t wait to know all about and a heroine I really liked.

Nina Bronson is the best bodyguard money can buy.  She’s also one of the few humans who have had the experimental and controversial surgeries that have left her almost with super powers.  Those same surgeries saved her life and forced her out of the Army.  And now she’s tasked with protecting the man who is fighting for that technology to never see the light of day again and stopping any needed upgrades from reaching those who already had the procedures done.  Little does she know what role Ewan Donahue really had in the creation of the technology and the guilt he carries for it.

I’m a sucker for bodyguard tropes and this is a great example of it.  Nina reminded me of Major in the movie Ghost in the Shell.  She’s come to terms with her new reality, she’s embraced some of it, struggles with other parts of herself.  And most importantly, she struggles with how she connects with other people.  While I liked the hero of this story and his own issues, I think Nina was the star of the show here for me.

There is a slow burn type of romance throughout this story but also be warned that this doesn’t end in a definite HEA.  The story continues in the next book and keep in mind this is a trilogy that follows the same couple.  For me, I was very satisfied with what we got in terms of the build up of their romance and connection in this one and it doesn’t bother me that it’s going to take a few books to get a conclusion.  The storyline around them is interesting enough that I’m happy to be along for the ride.

This right here is my sci fi romance happy place.  It’s all about the futuristic, genetically modified humans with some extra abilities and a world that’s just a little different and a bit more technologically advanced than today.  Wrapped up in some danger, politics and corruption.  No blue aliens in sight, sorry Suz.  I can’t wait to read the next one.





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  1. Awesome review Francesca!! Love the story and the cover is eye catching too!!! Shared on all my socials!!

  2. Awesome review Francesca!! Love the story and the cover is eye catching too!!! Shared on all my socials!!