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“I love the world that Pearson had created and I trust that it will only get better.”  ~ Under the Covers

Dance of Thieves is a spin-off of Mary E. Pearson’s Remnant Chronicles Trilogy. Set in the same world with a whole new cast. In this first installment, Ballenger Empire is to be lead by its new leader Jase. He inherited the job from his father and it came with a whole lot of problems. The Ballengers have ruled on their own. While they are respected and sometimes feared, they have not been formally recognized as their own kingdom. With the new settlers coming in, the problems are arising, and the recognition would do a whole lot of help in solving some of the problems.

That’s where Kazi come in. She is one of the queen’s trusted Rhatan/guard. The Queen of Venda(heroine from Remnant Chronicles) herself to see what is happening in this area. She’s convinced that something is brewing and determined to stop it. Kazi is to spy and collect data to bring back to the queen. Of course, upon, meeting Jase, she learns a lot more than just the local troubles.

This story starts about six years after the great battle where the Queen of Venda has earned her place on the throne. It was awesome to see the result of such an epic story. Though it was brief, it was nice to see the Queen and King living their HEA. Kazi and Jase’s story was sweet and their banter made me laugh. There was angst between them but what bothered me was that there was so much deceit between them. The plots to lie or to deceive the other despite their feelings kind of bugged me. Don’t get me wrong, they came through for the other, just not a very good start.

I will admit that Dance of Thieves is not as good as its predecessor, but I will take what I can get. I love the world that Pearson had created and I trust that it will only get better.


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