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“CREAM OF THE CROP is outrageously fun and sizzling sexy.”
~ Under the Covers

We all know we couldn’t get enough of Oscar after seeing this tall, dark and silent hero brood his way through NUTS.  And even more exciting was to see him with a heroine like Natalie, who is the complete opposite of  him!  Well, mission accomplished Ms. Clayton!  CREAM OF THE CROP delivered in everything we wanted to see.

I went into this expecting to love (and I mean loooooooove) the hero, and even though that still did happen, the big surprise for me was how much I adored Natalie.  She is just plain fun!  I thinks she’s such a strong and independent woman, successful, family and friend oriented, she knows she’s amazing but doesn’t come across as a stuck up bitch.  She’s also very comfortable in her skin.  And she’s hilarious!  I can’t even count the times she made me literally laugh out loud.  And she loves cheese.  A girl after my heart!  She does have a big personality and I can see how some people may be put off some by that.

To me, Natalie was endearing and seeing her turn to goo almost literally in front of sexy man hunk Oscar was a nice contradiction to her character.  He made her soft.  And I can’t say I blame her because I’m not sure I could talk to him either.  Sexy?  That man is to die for!  I need an Oscar of my own.  I think I was left panting for him and he had barely said two words, and they weren’t of the sexy variety.  That’s a skill!

Oscar and Natalie were so different that they were perfect together.  Like opposites attracting.  Natalie was over the top and Oscar was so laid back and at times oblivious to how his very simple actions could be taken.  But they have great chemistry and made for an entertaining couple.  Even when I wanted to throttle their stubborn asses.

But another thing that stands out to me is the setting.  I connected with the beauty of this small town and I think that’s part of the charm of this series.  This is all so new for Natalie, the consummate city girl, that is was charming to see it all take shape through her eyes.  And it made me want to move there!  I swear it has nothing to do with the men.  Nothing at all.

CREAM OF THE CROP is outrageously fun and sizzling sexy.  I think Alice Clayton has a winner with this series. Although I don’t think CREAM OF THE CROP is quite as good for me as NUTS was, it still followed along the light hearted feel of the series and delivered on an entertaining story. There really must be something in the water in Hudson Valley to have such a sexy group of men gathered up there.  Can’t wait to meet more of them.

Favorite quote:

“I’d often wondered if the size of my considerable posterior was directly related to my love of Gorgonzola.”




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