“…the story and the romance were just…missing. ”
~ Under the Covers

I don’t want to write this review! Up until this point I have enjoyed all the books that Amanda Milo has brought out, which meant that I was insanely excited to get my mitts on the next book in the Stolen by an Alien series. Sadly, and it kills me to say, but the anticipation was more enjoyable than the actual book.

I think the main problem I had with this book was that it didn’t seem to have a plot. It read more like a series of scenes that Milo wrote and then tried to cobble together in a vague timeline. It never felt like a put together and cohesive story it was too disjointed.

It also prevented me connecting with the Gracie or Dohrein and enjoying the romance. Because it didn’t feel like a romance. It was strange, there was no build up of their relationship, no seeing them connecting on an emotional level. They just started to have sex and that was apparently that. It was weird.

There was a bonus short story at the end of the book which I found I enjoyed far more. It felt like it had a more continuous story line and a flirtation between the two characters. And honestly, that is what the two stars for this book are for.

Unfortunately Craved by an Alien just managed to baffle me, the story and the romance were just…missing. However, this is the first book of Milo’s that I haven’t liked so I will definitely be reading the next one, hopefully this is just a blip. spacer

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  1. Thank you for your review suzanne, love this cover,too bad not such a great read! Shared on all my socials!