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“It’s filled with great and funny one liners that will have you laughing out loud at every turn of the page.”
~ Under the Covers

Honestly, I picked this up completely on a whim.  It showed up on my doorstep and at that point I hadn’t even heard of this book coming out.  I was sold on it because of the cover and it just sounded extremely fun.  I’m so glad I gave it a shot!  CRASHING THE A-LIST was a super fun and fast paced book.  I completely enjoyed myself.

Our heroine Clara has been unemployed for four months and is now living with her brother.  Her future sister in law gets her a job to clear out repossessed storage units for her uncle to make some money while she sends out more resumes to publishing houses.  While clearing out a unit she finds documents about an escort service and a file on one particular escort who now happens to be an A-List British actor.  One drunk call and a misunderstanding later and he’s standing in her living room accusing her of blackmailing him with that information.  And after the paparazzi see them together, a fake relationship follows to give some good press to his next movie.

If there’s one thing I can tell you about this book is that it was such a fun reading experience.  It’s filled with great and funny one liners that will have you laughing out loud at every turn of the page.  From Clara’s relationship with her best friend, everything she goes through while clearing out all those storage units, and the romance that develops from enemies to lovers to a real connection.  This was one entertaining book!

Now for the romance.  I actually consider this book more of a chick lit than a contemporary romance.  The romance to me was not the focus of the story.  It was more of the extremely funny experiences our heroine is going through at this point in her life.  And it just so happens that there’s a romance somewhere in there as well.  It’s kind of slow moving, which I appreciated given the circumstances.  But also fair warning that it is fade to black.  In the end, I was ok with all of that and enjoyed this book.  But it may be good going in with those expectations.  I think it’s a perfect poolside read and I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more from this author.


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