Continuing our Cover Model Week, we have another guy who is now a constant at romance conventions…



Scott-camoprintHi Scott, welcome to Under the Covers and our Countdown to RT 2013!

Thanks for the opportunity to let the readers learn more about me.

Describe yourself in three words.

Passion, aggressive, courage

Lets talk about modeling. How did you end up doing this and what has been your experience so far?

I got into the cover modeling side of modeling thanks to Cindy Walker giving me a chance to compete in the Mr. Romance competition in 2011. I didn’t win, but it did allow me to see that this is a genre of modeling that a Irishman from Ohio can excel in. So I kept my nose down and watched guys who are successful in this business, such as Jimmy Thomas, and watched how they went about it. Studied their angles and business model. I’m about a month away from launching my own stock photo’s site that will house some 400 photos just to start. As for my experience, I have loved it! I’ve made friends that I’ll stay in contact with the rest of my life. It’s been really awesome, and honored to take the “persona of your hero” and depict it.

Book covers. What’s the appeal to you as a model?

As I said in the previous question, it’s the fact that I don’t have to be from Miami, NY, LA, or Chicago to make it in this genre of the industry. I also am applauded for building muscle, where SO many other genre’s of modeling frown on guys looking, well, like men! lol

Do any of the covers you’ve done fulfill any role-playing fantasies you’ve ever had?

As a matter of fact yes I love all the private detective covers/hero’s that I get to depict. I’ve not done to much erotica or anything yet so who knows what that’ll bring. Have done a few menage shots (F/F/M) so that was, fun!


Do you read any of the books for which you are on the cover?

Unfortunately I do not. I just don’t have the time to read them. I DO, however, get the scoop on the book from the authors so that I can get the hero right.

You’ve also done book trailers, are those any different for you than a regular day of photo shoots for covers?

Yes to a degree…because sometimes the author will want shots that depict “movement” such as my swinging a sword or protecting the lady in the book. But I’ve not done any video trailers yet with video footage, and I want to, because I come from a pretty extensive theater background so acting would be a blast.

ScotttradingcardWhat are your favorite pastimes or hobbies when not modeling?

I absolutely adore being a Dad. So my favorite thing to do when not at work or a shoot is to just simply play with my family and be as good a dad as I can. But recently my girl has become pretty successful in the bikini ranks of bodybuilding, and so I’ve actually starting competing in Men’s Physique classes at bodybuilding shows recently and it’s really fun to be back in some form of competition. I also love to build and race old muscle cars. I’ve got a sexy 1970 Nova with currently 700HP and it’s a whole lot of fun to drive.

What are you most looking forward to at RT?

This year RT is the 30th anniversary, so they are doing a Men of Romance reunion party with LOTS of old schoolers and new faces attending the party and events throughout the week. So I’m looking very forward to this year. I’m also going to have a table in Club RT where I will be showing off a LOT of my shots, as well as covers I’ve done recently and promotional items. I’ve also invited some very special folks to join me to do signings for their fans, and such. Keep an eye on my timeline on Facebook to see who and when.

Favorite part of a woman’s body.

Ohhhh…man that’s a tough one. I’ve got so many things I like about the female body in general. haha I’d have to say legs. And I don’t mean long legs necessarily…but tone and athletic legs with great hamstrings and glutes which leads me to love a womans butt. SO, see it’s all tied together! πŸ™‚ lol

If you were a super hero what powers would you have? What would your hero name be and what outfit would you wear?

Well one of my favorite characters from the comics that I STILL read to this day was and still is Silver Surfer. And so I’d have to say my power would be the Power Cosmic. The power to mend and wield energy to my liking. That power can heal, it can destroy or it can give life. I’m from the year of the Dragon, so I’d have to say that my outfit would SO DEFINITELY have a cape and I’d have dragons of some sort on my outfit. lol As for a name…maybe something like …..FIRE NOVA…. haha


What was the last thing to make you feel happy?

Lunch.. lol no seriously, with my diet nutrition needs when I get to eat I’m happy. But no recently took Jacob to a bounce house and watching him play and grin from ear to ear just made all the stresses go away.

If you could ask your future self one question what would it be?

Did I live a good, fulfilled life and I still had no regrets!!!

What’s your drink of choice and what does it say about you?

Ok, this is a 3fold answer but they all say the same thing about me. If it’s beer, I love a good dark lager or ale. They have more flavor, more tastes going on and much more complex. Mixed drink (spirits) I love a great white russian with a twist. The twist is putting DiSaronno Amaretto in it. And my favorite drink to have is a great, rich, spicey red wine. Spanish or Argentinian typically. LOVE a good wine!


Boxer briefs. Andrew Christian or Diesel are my favorite. Adidas brand a close 3rd.




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And yes… Scott will be at RT!

Here’s what we’re going to do during Cover Model Week.Β  We will pick a winner next week and lucky maiden will get to choose a book they want with one of the cover models we’ve featured on the cover πŸ™‚Β  This is open internationally!

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  1. I agree, we need a month of this πŸ˜‰
    Thanks Scott for the interview. I love that you find fulfillment in being a Dad and doing things with your wife. That gives me a whole picture of you when I see one of your covers. I’m a muscle car fan too. One of my boyfriends put a large small block engine in an old Chevy Nova that was a sleeper when you looked at it but did he have power under the hood. We used to watch drive in movies out of the trunk as he could fold the back seats down and we had leg room. Loved that car…

  2. I love getting to know more about these cover models. It’s great getting to meet the man behind the covers.
    Carol L

  3. I met Scott last year at RT, and then again at Lori Foster’s Get Together. I agree, he very nice, and extremely personalable. He talks to you like you are old friends.

    Elizabeth Gray
    [email protected]

  4. Cute… It’s so funny that people can make a living posing on the covers of romance novels! Just look at Fabio!

    mestith at gmail dot com

  5. I like his point that models can come from any place (any background). Nice to ‘meet’ Scott.

  6. I think it’s really cool that the models get to be different with every shoot. I met Scot at a book conference (I think). He’s really cool and super nice. I love his book covers.

  7. Great interview! Scott seems to be a great guy πŸ™‚ It’s great to hear him talk about his family and how involved he is. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  8. Thanks for the great interview, I enjoyed learning about Scott and seeing the covers. lisagk (at) yahoo

  9. Scott is on the cover of the book I released today, Should’ve Known Better, and he was a doll to work with. I met him last year at RT and am lucky enough to count him as a friend now. Please do introduce yourself to him at RT – he’s really friendly. Yes, he’s also smokin’ hot, but don’t be intimidated!

    PS: I might be one of the people hangin’ out with him at Club RT. πŸ˜‰ AND Scott will be with me at both of the book signings.

  10. He is very nice looking. I think he has been on several covers of books, but none pop right out at me.
    I am very much enjoying these posts. Love looking at hot guys. I work front desk at a hotel and am starting to get my sexy, gorgeous construction and factory workers back. I am even more excited because summer is coming up and pretty soon the shirts will come off. I love summer. LOL