As we fast approach RT again this year (just three weeks away!!!) we are excited to bring you our second annual Cover Model Week, where we get to meet the men behind the covers.  Who they are, what they like.  Because they are more than just abs and biceps!



10259647_10202903845931458_1899129821_nWelcome to UTC, John!  First of all, can you tell our readers a little about yourself that you’d like to share?

I am a very humble guy and never really talk about myself but I have been involved with modeling for many years. I have been active in the fitness world as well for quite some time. As a romance cover model I am ‘The Most Tattooed Male Romance Cover Model in the World.’ Most recently in January I was a featured fashion model in Duemila Magazine of Italy.

How did you get your career started as a cover model?

I started in fitness with flyers & brochures for exercise equipment and over time I went into other genres of modeling and here I am.

Were you nervous for your first cover shoot?  How did it go?

No, I had a great time. I think as a model when you feel comfortable with the photographer you can do anything with a little bit of self confidence. I am talks with Duemila Magazine of Italy to appear on their cover in the near future.


This will be your second year coming to RT, correct?  What are you most looking forward to?

Well, last year I wasn’t an official cover guy. Special thanks to Vicki Stewart for believing in me to put me enough out there with the authors and RT Coordinators as a test run to see if they liked me to bring me back in 2014 as an official cover guy. I am coming to New Orleans as an Official Cover Model Man of Romance 2014 so I think most of the people thought I was a cool guy. I would to thank everybody in the RT family for being so great to John Quinlan including you Francesca. You are such an amazing person. It will be so great to see you again in New Orleans. To answer your question, the thing I am looking forward to the most is just seeing so many great people again. All those people who believed this tattooed, bald, scarred bad guy from Boston had the look to represent RT as a cover model. Really, from my heart, thank you all so much.

What is your favorite book cover of the ones you’ve done so far?  What is it about the cover that you love?

I love them all. The most recent I got word of was last week is, ‘Treasured Island’ by Australian author Melanie Corona. It really looked so great when I saw it for the first time. I am always honored & humbled when any writer believes in me enough to use me as his/her cover model.

Tattooed Romance Cover Model John Quinlan Treasured Land by Melanie Corona

Do you have any book types that you would like to model for (e.g., vampire, cowboy, etc.)?

I like them all Francesca. Each genre is special in its own way and whatever is meant to be will be as far as what book cover types I appear on.

Romance Model John Quinlan The Roman and the Vixen by Anna Patterson

Do you have a strict regimen for diet and exercise to stay in great shape?  What do you do to maintain that?

I eat a relatively clean diet. I drink plenty of water and stay away from processed & friend foods. I workout 5x per week and do cardiovascular training 3x in addition to that. I have little children so there are candy and desert temptations all over my house so I give in and eat them when I feel the need to just be dad 🙂

What else do you like to do other than modeling?  Do you have any hobbies?

I enjoy doing things just ike other people; shopping, movies and going out. I think I like following my oldest boy who will be 8 years old in May play baseball as a hobby. I love watching him develop and grow every year to become better and better as an athlete.

Fierce-in-Fur-Romance-Cover-Model-John-Quinlan Romance-Novel-Cover-Model-John-Quinlan-Captive-Fantasy

What would be your idea of the perfect date?  How would you woo your woman?

My idea of a perfect date might sound cliche but it’s true, any night can turn into a perfect night if the chemistry between the two people clicks just right. Something as simple as a nice restaurant followed up with an intimate encounter after with candles to set the tone makes for a night to remember 🙂

Lastly, here are some rapid-fire questions for you:

Boxers or briefs? none

Favorite food? Italian

Favorite position? On top, love being in control

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Favorite drink? Long Island Iced Tea

If stranded on an island, what 3 things would you want to have with you? Good food, good drink, great sex 😉

Tattooed Male Model John Quinlan in Calvin Klein 1

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Here’s what we’re going to do during Cover Model Week. We will pick a winner next week from the Rafflecopter below and that lucky maiden will get to choose one book they want with one of the cover models we’ve featured on the cover 🙂 This is open internationally!


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  1. Wow! Great pictures and tattoos. He goes commando and likes Long Island ice teas what not yo like about that.

  2. I can’t imagine growing up with a dad who is that in shape! I wish I was that dedicated to my exercise routine.

  3. Love the covers. It’s amazing how the same person can look so different depending on the style and color of the covers.

  4. One of my favorite cover models. Love the different looks they give him. Loving this spotlight week, always happy to get pics of hot guys, lol.

  5. “. . .tattooed, bald, scarred bad guy from Boston” Yep! Sounds like my type of guy! Looks like it too. *sigh* I would buy these books just to look at the covers. Loved the interview. Thank you!

  6. Love this! Keep thinking of Debra Anastasia´s Beckett when I see John Q =)
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Wednesday!