Hi Benjamin and welcome to Under the Covers!  We are very excited that you are part of our second Cover Model Week.  We’ll try not to be too nosy 😉

Being a model seems like a pretty glamorous job, is it something you have always wanted to do? 

I never really even considered modeling until those constant statements “Hey are you a model? You should be a model”. At that point I started thinking maybe I can be a model,maybe I should be a model. I really started looking into the possibility and became quickly attached from that point on, maybe when I was 18 yrs old.


You have a body and visage that make women from all over the world drool like Pavlov’s dog when the bell rings, how much manscaping and gym time does that take to maintain?  And how do you feel about those women drooling over you?

Well the truth is I believe we all have a look and visage that makes us each our own IMG_4844that proves our individualism. Its just some people have a look more fitting for a book cover or a fashion shoot. Its our individual look and appeal that attracts some one’s eye. The “manscaping” might just enhance our look, but I guess my point is that if you have an appeal that is attractive to others then it doesn’t really take to much “manscaping”. I mean I don’t have to work out 5 days a week 3 hours a day, instead I am more concerned with staying fit and healthy, eating well and living a balanced life and then I let my looks do the rest..haha. Lets be honest everyone loves to be appreciated and admired so women drooling over me,  weather for my looks or my music I must admit feels pretty good, its inspiring!

But you are not just a pretty face, you are also talented!  Would you say that being a musician is your passion in life?

Yes I would, my music is my first and most passionate endeavor I will ever embark on. Its what I feel I am the best at,  its were I posses the most confidence in my self and in my work.

Where can readers find out more about your music?

Well a good place to start would be my Facebook band page. You can find it at I am currently working on producing and album and getting my website back up. So check out my band page for updates.

Do you have any photo shoot rituals?  Before and after?

BEN-PRINT 1460(mayhem)Not in particular. I would say its in important for me to take a moment to shut out all my distractions, in my head mostly. And then to narrow into my goal and prepare to transform into a character or to display a certain mood or feeling.

Who would you ideal lover be, and what traits would they possess?

Lets see my ideal lover? I am a simple guy, easy to get a long with, nonjudgmental and easygoing. So someone within those confines. Also very important, some one intelligent and passionate. Someone who loves to be alive and wiling to work hard for what they want, but someone loving and compassionate. Beautiful inside and out!

You’re taking your ideal woman out on a first date, where do you decide to romance her and sweep her off her feet? 

Well I love the outdoors. I grow up upstate in the mountains hiking or in the river sailing or cruising on my motorcycle. So I think what I would do is take her on the train up the river and into my home town of Beacon. I would probably pack a lunch and take her for a ride on my motorcycle until we find a quite place to eat. Then probably go grab a drink at the pub on Main st, while we make out way towards Mt. Beacon to hike to the reservoir were we would go swimming. Then probably head back to the city on the train to go see some live music and grab some drinks. Then after that I would probably drop her off at home, or not! Maybe a bit to much for a first date but it beats an expensive diner followed by a shitty movie…haha


What’s your favorite way to unwind after a long day of work?

Well I am a musician so most likely I grab a couple beers and play some guitar, or watch a good movie.

So we see you grace the cover of some of our favorite books, but what books do you like to read?  

I read a lot of non fiction, autobiographies and such. I also enjoy fantasy books like The Hunger Games and His Dark Materials. Right now I am reading Diary by Chuck Palahniuk, quite strange and unusual but I like that.


Book people can be a passionate (and sometimes crazy) bunch.  Are you actively pursuing being on more book covers?

I wouldn’t say I am actively pursuing it, but I am always open to it. It was great experience both shooting and seeing the final cover. I look forward to the next one!


How about some quick fire questions!

Sexiest body part? Hands

Favorite food? Steak

Favorite food to play with during sex? Um…

Favorite sport? Tennis

Favorite team? Player? Pete Sampras

Favorite song at the moment? Coffee by Motel Motel

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