Find out our thoughts about Maggie Moves On by Lucy Score, a spicy contemporary romance. If you want a hero that falls first, a cute dog and enjoy home improvement shows then this the perfect read for you.

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Maggie Moves On
by Lucy Score

Released: June 21, 2022
416 Pages | ebook

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small town romance | insta love | lovable characters | Hero Falls first | spicy read


Maggie Nichols lives for a challenge. And when it comes to her career flipping houses and filming it all for social media, the older the house the better. She knows that her current, dilapidated fixer-upper in Idaho might just be the one to put her over a million followers. With pressure mounting to provide for an ever-growing production team, the last thing Maggie has time to even think about is a love life.

Enter Silas Wright. He’s Maggie’s hot, charming landscaping guy on her current project, and he knows that he’s the one to make Maggie rethink her whole outlook on love. Not only is Silas the eye candy Maggie needs to boost her ratings, but he’s also the caring, down-to-earth romantic who knows Maggie is the one for him. But with plans in place for Maggie to pick up and move on as soon as the current fixer-upper is done, the countdown is on for Silas to prove that it’s time for Maggie to stop running and build a solid foundation with him instead.

what drew me to this book

My love of fixer-upper shows goes way back to watching episodes of This Old House with my mom. That love has extended to books with any type of remodelling or redecorating theme. And Maggie Moves On might just top my list of romances featuring a house remodelling theme.


I have to first address my love of Silas Wright. If I ever needed a book boyfriend to be real for pure practicality’s sake, it would be for Sy. Sure, Sy is tall, chiseled, and charming – but most importantly, he’s handy around the house. Brooding males are fine, but can they help you renovate the inside of your house, plant and maintain a gorgeous lawn? And admit to being the first one to fall in love?

Silas admitted to falling for Maggie so early on, I spent most of the book waiting for the other shoe to drop. Surely a gorgeous, considerate family man with a heart of gold and a lovable dog can’t be the endgame from the very beginning. But clearly Lucy Score loves her readers, and she gave us a construction worker’s body, that golden boy smile, and a heart that doesn’t stray. Sy is definitely swoon-worthy book boyfriend material.

I also found a lot to love in the titular Maggie, but for completely different reasons. Maggie was such a complex character. She’s part adult who has to shoulder the responsibility of providing for her production family; part inner child who is still running from her past and the love she never received from her father. Maggie often chose professional success in lieu of personal fulfilment. If not always relatable to every reader, Maggie is at least a very understandable character. She repeatedly either denies or tries to self-sabotage her own peace and happiness.

Try as Maggie might to pretend there isn’t a thing between her and Silas, this is a Lucy Score book so all that pretending only leads to some pretty spicy scenes. I loved these scenes between Sy and Maggie. Sy had confessed really early on that Maggie was The One for him, so in spite of the steam in these scenes, they often showed just how much Sy loved Maggie – whether she was willing to admit it or not. Their evolving relationship was fantastic to watch, though to be completely honest, I was invested mostly because of Silas.

in conclusion

If a story featuring a swoon-worthy man, a wayward woman finding her way, and plenty of spice isn’t enough to tempt you, then you need to read Maggie Moves On for Kevin, Sy’s pet dog who is definitely a character all his own.

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