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Love on the Brain
by Ali Hazelwood

Released: August 23, 2022
368 Pages | ebook

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Like many, I fell in love with Ali Hazelwood’s world ever since reading The Love Hypothesis, so I was eager to jump back in.

In this newest novel, our lovable, STEM leading lady is named Bee. She is individualistic, brilliant in her field, and lives by the principles of her hero, Marie Curie. Her parents passed when she was a child, leaving Bee to lean on her twin sister. As adults, the sisters live on different continents, which causes Bee to devote all of her energy into her work as a neuroscientist.

Bee receives the offer of a lifetime: to work with NASA for three months in Texas. Bee is over the moon (no pun intended), until she discovers she will be working with her nemesis from grad school: Levi Ward.

We follow Bee and Levi navigate the challenges of being both co-leads on this high profile assignment and sworn enemies. As time goes on, Bee comes to find that Levi may not be the evil person she assumed after all of these years.

What I love the most about Hazelwood’s books are the innovative settings and science based focus. Personally, I had a hard time understanding science in school and did not gravitate towards it–which is why I love this book. I would never be introduced into the worlds of neuroscience, engineering, or astronauts otherwise. Even more so, I continually admire the protagonist’s passion and intelligence in her field.

Now onto the romance, that brings me to Levi, and he’s perfect. He is a champion for Bee’s success in the professional environment, unwavering in his feelings/belief in her and absolutely smitten with her. Bee and Levi are very complex and have a rocky history, but are both yearning for companionship and a special person to call “home”. Get ready to add another name to your book boyfriend list.

I also enjoyed the side characters, including a charming romance with another couple in the book.

Hazelwood introduces us to the inner world at NASA, where Bee struggles with the challenges of being a woman in a male dominated industry. I think that was extremely important to include, as it says a lot about her perseverance and tenacity in the workplace.

in conclusion

This heart-warming book made me have more appreciation for our current badass female scientists, the men who give them the credit they deserve and the brilliant women who paved the way so many years ago.

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  1. I asked our library to get the first one and they did… and, then, I asked them to get the 2nd… and they have. I was 1st in the queue and received it yesterday!