Check out what we thought about Fake It Till You Bake It by Jamie Wesley, a sweet contemporary romance. If you are after some light reading and some friends to lovers action, this could be the book for you.

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Fake It Till You Bake It
by Jamie Wesley

Released: June 21, 2022
360 Pages | ebook

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friends to lovers romance | fake relationship | opposites attract | insta love


Jada, famous for turning down America’s most eligible bachelor on a reality tv dating show, finds herself working in a struggling cupcake shop owned & operated by Donovan, a pro football player. When a reporter mistakes Jada & Donovan as a couple, they realize this fake relationship may help them both.


This was a very sweet story that was fun to read, but for me personally wasn’t much more than that. That’s not to say it was bad, it just felt like it didn’t have as much substance as some of the other romcoms I’ve been reading lately, so it paled a bit in comparison. This was absolutely an enjoyable book that will sure to please anyone looking for a lighter, fun book.

You can expect a bunch of your classic rom com tropes, such as enemies to lovers, fake dating, grumpy/sunshine, and a bit of insta love. If you like any of these tropes you’ll be pleased by this book.

But, as with any of the romcom tropes, you can see the ending a mile away. The journey to the end was fun (Jada is sassy and I absolutely love her snark and commitment to fashion). I also loved her Grandmother, the owner of the NFL team Donovan plays for and Jada’s biggest support system. But Jada’s mission in the book is to make some kind of job (even just part time at a cupcake shop) work until her birthday when she is of an age to access her trust fund.

Her “struggle” from the onset seemed very first world problems to me. However, Jada grew on me as a hard worker and in the end I was impressed by her character. It was probably intentional by the author for the readers to feel this way, as it really emphasizes how Jada grows, but I wish I could’ve seen more of end-Jada’s grit at the beginning.

in conclusion

There’s definitely some steam here too, so if you’re into some spicier scenes you won’t be disappointed there. All this to say: if you’re looking for a light, fun, enjoyable romcom, this would be it!

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