“Her books always hit my sweet spot with their combination of alien heroes (who are very alien), humour, sexiness with an added dash of adorable.”
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I’m already a massive Amanda Milo fan. Her books always hit my sweet spot with their combination of alien heroes (who are very alien), humour, sexiness with an added dash of adorable. Honestly, when I pick up an alien romance, that’s what I want and she nearly always delivers. Did she deliver with Contaminated and Contagion? Hell, yes.

You’ll notice on Goodreads that these two aren’t collected together in a duology. However, they kind of are. It starts with Contaminated and then Contagion is next. I actually read them in the opposite order, but it doesn’t matter as what connects them are the characters – the heroes are best friends – and not the actual story. As these are both fairly short books that I enjoyed for very similar reason, I decided to do a joint review.

Firstly, lets dive into a short synopsis about these books. We have two alien heroes, who kind of look like the alien from the Alien films, but with a less toothy face, who work in a lab. Their world has an issue with their genetics which mean most of their people suffer from a horrible illness and die early. For this reason, they have cut themselves off from the rest of the universe. This is where our heroines come in. In Contaminated our heroine accidentally finds herself on the planet where our hero kidnaps and hides her away thinking she is a new form of animal life. It quickly becomes apparent that isn’t the case. In Contagion our hero finds himself kidnapped and on Earth, where he and our heroine manage to escape and have to make it through the rain forest. The biggest obstacle being our hero’s hypochondria.

if I had to pick a favourite I would say Contagion, because it was absolutely hilarious! Picture a slightly more humanised version of the alien from Alien freaking out over a squirrel/chipmunk (I can’t remember which one, but you know what I mean!) and putting a rubber sheath (yeah… a big condom) over his tail to stop it getting dirty. I can’t stop grinning just thinking about it. Both of these books had me laughing. But, it wasn’t all about the lolz, the romances in this were great and I thought the heroines really shone as strong, smart intelligent women. It ticked a lot of boxes for me.

A great couple of books which just has me anticipating whatever Amanda Milo will bring out next.

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