“It made me wish for warmer weather as it’s a great summer read!”
~ Under the Covers

This second story in the Riley O’Brien & Co series is about the sister.  Yes, the one you may not have liked as much in the first book.  But in COMING APART AT THE SEAMS I actually came to understand some of her bitter personality and where she came from, and actually liked her a bit!

We know her brothers’ best friend wants her back after a bad past between them.  We finally get to see the backstory.  Of how Nick fell for his best friend’s little sister, the connection they shared and how they bonded.  And then how it  all came crashing down.

The one thing that I couldn’t wrap my head around was the fact that throughout the years, Teagan didn’t know that Nick stuttered.  Yes, he hid it well but he wasn’t ever very outspoken and he did stutter around her sometimes.

But that was the thing about him that made him so endearing.  He has struggled with his speech impediment his whole life, and let it affect relationships before.  And he’s so in love with Teagan I couldn’t help but melt a little for him.  I loved his determination to get the woman he loves back and even how he is perfectly ok with using the opportunities his friends give him to be close to her and get under her skin.

I enjoyed their easy chemistry and their sometimes explosive relationship.  I knew there had to be a deep motive why she couldn’t get over what he did, and it was a pretty good one.  Although I think the resolution was a bit easy on Nick, I’m glad the author didn’t milk that issue to make it drag on longer.

Fast and easy read with plenty of heart.  It made me wish for warmer weather as it’s a great summer read!  And the next book is set up nicely already so I can’t wait to get my hands on it.




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