“This book does have some funny moments though and I adored the heroine.”
~ Under the Covers

Taylor is at a low point. With no money, no car but bills mounting up and her mum and little sister to support it calls for desperate measures. Which, is how she finds herself:

With her hands down a handsome strangers pants…to steal his wallet.
Disguising herself as a man to get a well paying job in construction for the new development coming to town

It’s just her bad luck that her new boss is the handsome stranger whose wallet she took temporary ownership of and he holds a bit of a grudge.

When I picked up COLDHEARTED BOSS I had certain expectations as I have read R.S. Grey in the past and had a fabulous time. I was expecting something light-hearted and funny, something sexy, something that’s perfect as a summer read. And this book was all those things… eventually.

For me the first 70%ish of this book just seemed like a sad commentary on poverty and poor education and the lengths that people will go to stay afloat. If that means stealing someone’s wallet so their family can eat, so be it. Lying so they can get a job so they don’t have to steal to eat? Do it. If they have to put up with the bad behaviour of their boss as they really need their job, that’s life. Which means some of the funny parts didn’t feel that funny to me. They felt sad.

That didn’t mean I didn’t like that book, I really enjoyed Taylor’s character. I loved her smarts, her stubbornness and her drive and ambition to prove herself and improve her and her family’s life. The issue I have was with Ethan, the hero. I know he felt wronged as he, mistakenly, thinks she stole some money from him. But, I didn’t like the campaign against her, the power differential was too great for it to work for me. He was 10 years older than her, wealthy and her boss. He had too much power over her life for me to find the games they were playing funny rather than fraught with terrible consequences for Taylor if she didn’t somehow win.

Not that Ethan was a horrible person, I didn’t dislike him, but the stakes were too high and I just wasn’t buying into the this-is-sexual-tension-and-not-bullying-an-employee. However, I did love that Grey didn’t fall into the horrible trap of making the much wealthier hero ‘save’ the heroine from her own life. Instead Taylor saves herself through her own persistence, which is another aspect of this book that I loved.

I think my problem is that I overthink things, which is why I didn’t like this books as much as I expected. I didn’t have the experience I thought I would have. This book does have some funny moments though and I adored the heroine. So, although this isn’t my favourite book by R.S. Grey, I did like it.


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