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I jumped out of order in this series to read this book, so I’m not sure if I should’ve known the heroine better at this point or not.  One thing that I was super excited about going in was the fact this is about a married couple.  I think there should be more books with the marriage in trouble trope!

Although I love the feel of this series, the writing and the vibe, I didn’t quite buy some of the roadblocks these two had put up in their relationship.  Especially with Johnny’s thinking.  I had a REAL hard time wrapping my brain around the reason why he was married to Tessa for so many years, and even long after the traumatic events that led to their marriage, he never touched her!  I was kind of expecting this monumental explanation and …. that’s not how I felt about the reasoning.  So that’s my one big complaint about this story.

I did like the characters a lot.  There are two stories going on side by side.   Tessa and Johnny’s which actually has a resolution in this book, and Marcus and Quinn, who I’m hoping to get to their book SOON.  I loved the fact that both of these men were a little broken and damaged.  They’ve led hard lives and it’s left a mark.  But deep down, under the bit of asshole surface, they are kind and sweet men.

The small town vibe as always brings this book to life.  I was hoping to see a bit more of that, but I was still glad for the glimpses we got.  These two had to face the issues in their marriage head on in this book and I was happy there wasn’t a whole lot of other unnecessary angst.  The added suspense with a bad guy lurking was a nice touch to the story without bringing over the top complications between them as a couple.  So that was nicely done.

Overall, I find these stories to be nice and easy reads.  They are sweet and closer to womens fiction in feel and heat level.




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