“Taken as a whole I found Check Me Out a little disappointing and forgettable.”
~ Under the Covers

There are two very important things in Greta’s life: being a librarian and her best friend Will. And now, Mac, the beautiful man she met in the library who seems to say all the right things…over text. When Greta’s beloved library becomes endangered though, it isn’t Mac who seems to be standing by her side…it’s Will.

I always struggle writing a quick blurb, which is why you may notice that I sometimes cheat and don’t do it… For this one though I have spent a good ten minutes trying to think of the best blurb to give, as to not spoil the book. However, even with the brief few sentences I gave…you know exactly what is going to happen. I would like to say HA, you’re in for a surprise when you actually do start reading this book. But you’re not, it’s exactly as it seems. Which, is part of the reason why I wasn’t too keen on this book.

But, first, lets talk about what I did like. The main thing I liked about this is that Will, one of the contenders for Greta’s attention (even if she doesn’t realise it!) isn’t what you would typically find. In fact, if anyone has read a hero in a romance who is basically described as big, but not big as in muscled, but big as in fat, then let me know, because I certainly haven’t. I liked that he wasn’t a specimen of manly perfection.

Overall though, I found this book a little predictable, right down to the identity of the grumpy old man across the street, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about Greta. Sometimes she made me laugh, but sometimes I didn’t like her, she had this passive aggressive snobbishness about her that made it difficult for me to connect with her. Taken as a whole I found Check Me Out a little disappointing and forgettable.


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