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“I love Adair’s style of writing.  She always manages to have a heroine that is sweet, mature and very  smart.”
~ Under the Covers

It’s been four years since Darcy had left her life with the Eastons.  She’s finally established and doing well raising her daughter.  Her dream to open up her own special venue for weddings has also finally come true. Though her future is secured, her past is not entirely secured where it belongs.

Gage, Darcy’s old friend, also an Easton come waltzing in demanding for his brother and fiance to be wed in her estate.  But they will want more than just a wedding venue. Gage and the rest of the Eastons will want more from Darcy than she is willing to give. It’s a tangled emotional mess but it is also the sweetest reunion for Gage, Darcy, and her daughter, of course, after they iron out the mess.

I love Adair’s style of writing.  She always manages to have a heroine that is sweet, mature and very  smart.  I love that Darcy are all those things and she easily won my heart. I love that she is independent and managed to take care of her daughter on her own despite the hardships she endured four years prior.  It was easy to see her side of the story and as a mother myself, it was very easy to take her side.  Your child will always come first no matter what.

Darcy’s daughter, Kylie took the lead in this book in more pages than one.  This cutie tugged at my heart strings, and for the most part, I cheered for her to get the happy every after she deserved and planned.

It wasn’t sure, Gage or the Eston family deserved Darcy and Kylie back in their lives.  Though, they are a great family have, they have  put Darcy in such a bad predicament without any thoughts over the years.  Adair slowly revealed the Easton’s true colors.  They are loyal to the bone and would do anything for their family.  I suppose eventually they won my heart too.

Overall, Chasing I Do is a great start to the Easton series.  My only complaint is that it was  too short.  I would’ve liked to read more of their romance in the making.  There is a sneak peak at the end of this book of what is to come in this series that had me very excited for the next story.



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  1. Yes! I just saw this and thought it sounded perfect for a summer read… so I was glad to read this

  2. Thanks for the review, I haven’t read anything by Marina Adair so I’ll be adding this to my wishlist.

  3. Thanks to you UTC I discovered Marina Adair books and my favorite books!
    I’m so excited about this book/new series by Marina Adair 🙂
    Great review 🙂