” If you are a fan of either family series or rock stars, this is one worth reading.”
~ Under the Covers

CHASED BY LOVE is the third book in The Ryders series and this is Trish’s story. Trish is an actress who doesn’t take her job for granted. When she lands a role that will put her opposite an A-list rock star, Trish wonders if this movie will make or break her career because although the movie will do well if Boone Stryker is a part of it, everyone is looking at him to see if he can actually act.

Unfortunately, there’s added pressure for the rock star Boone because in addition to this major movie that he needs to film, there is also quite a lot going on with his family life. Despite the fame and money he has, it can’t help the situation with his family very much. There’s drug use involved but I don’t want to talk about here so much because I think actually reading it is part of what deepens Boone’s character as a whole. He’s presented as his hardcore rock star in the beginning who has groupies swarming him, but the thing with Melissa Foster’s characters is that they are never truly what they seem. As you read the book you definitely come to know Boone as a man other than a rock star and I think the family part that I mentioned earlier plays a huge part in that.

In terms of originality, this book does follow your typical troubled bad boy rock star who kind of gets reformed in the end. But for me, Boone works because of how Foster was able to delve deeper into his characterization.

Trish is also wonderful. She doesn’t allow Boone to walk over her and I liked that about her. She’s a very strong woman and I liked that she was willing to put her career before everything else. You don’t really see that very much in a lot of other books anymore and I thought it made Trish very distinct.

Their romance is complex and frustrating at times as they go both back and forth between liking and hating each other so I wouldn’t say it’s the most smoothest romance Foster has written, but I don’t mean that because of the writing or anything. Trish and Boone have to go through a lot before they get their HEA, which is why, when it comes, it’s that much more inspiring. Obviously if you are a fan of either family series or rock stars, this is one worth reading.




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  1. I’m so glad you appreciated Trish’s personality and determination. Thank you so much for joining the tour and for your wonderful review! So glad you enjoyed Chased by Love XOXO