“…this is not one that left me wanting the next one desperately.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve been curious about Marcus for a while now.  He had left the town of Storm and left behind his mom and sisters who were getting a pretty raw deal from his father.  It struck me as strange that he wouldn’t be the man of the house and protect his mom then.  And then there were the hints that Brittany liked him.  Being from opposite sides of the track was definitely a draw for me.

So Marcus is back in this installment and ready to face some of his demons.  Now that his dad is gone, and someone else had to step in to make that happen, he thinks he can just pick up the pieces of his family and move back on with his life.  It was nice to see him dealing with a bit more remorse than that, but I can’t say he became my favorite person in town.

His relationship with Brittany to me is a mix of wanting her and wanting to stick it to the big man, so I wasn’t as happy about that.

In the end, there are some new developments in this installment but I couldn’t quite connect as much as I wanted, id didn’t move the storyline along enough and this is not one that left me wanting the next one desperately.




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  1. I got the first of this series (since it was a freebie) and want to read this installment , purely because I adore Larissa Ione. Can this be read as a stand-alone? And if not, since it is marketed as soap-opera-like, could I get by just reading #1 for background information and #5 without being completely lost? I have so many series I’m currently reading, as well as on my TBR shelf, I really don’t want to add another, especially since this is contemporary romance, and I prefer paranormal.