“I was disappointed when I finally reached the last page as all I wanted was more. ” ~ Under the Covers

Nevada Baylor is fully expects and is expected to fail her latest investigation. But with her whole family’s welfare and livelihood on the line she can’t turn the case down. So now she is on a suicide mission to bring in a volatile and extremely dangerous suspected murderer back to the bosom of his family alive and well. A task which is difficult enough without the added complication of Mad Rogan, one of the most powerful, ruthless and damn sexy men in Houston also getting involved and under her skin. In a world full of magic and politics Nevada only has her own small amount of magic, her unusual family and cunning to rely on for survival, will it be enough?

I have to confess before I start this review properly; I was fully prepared to love this before I even cracked it open. At this point I think Ilona Andrews could write me a note on a paper napkin and I would rate it 5 stars. So, a brand new series, with magic, mayhem and a character called Mad Rogan contained within? Despite, I admit, the fairly dodgy cover, I was a goner. However, please believe me when I say this book was fantastic, best read of the year, once I started I couldn’t put it down, it sucked me in and I was disappointed when I finally reached the last page as all I wanted was more.

utc-top-pickIlona Andrews has built a world full of magic and power where we view everything through the eyes of one private detective, who appears to be far less powerful than the people she is getting mixed up with. Sound familiar? Yes, I admit that although the world in Hidden Legacy is completely different from that of her Kate Daniels series the only common element being the presence of magic, some of the themes and the characters are very similar. Not enough that it feels like Kate Daniels and Curran have just had a dye job and plonked into a different world, but enough to make it…cozy and familiar.

However, when I was reading, I wasn’t think about that, I was thinking that I couldn’t wait to see what happened next, what Nevada would do, what Mad Rogan’s reaction would be. And just how they were all going to come out standing at the end. Burn For Me was a book packed full of action and excitement, not to mention such a delicious dose of sexual tension that it had me grinning and maybe even panting a little.

“You had no idea it could be this good. Nobody in your past was ever that good and you know that nobody in your future will ever be this good. You’ve had a taste and you want more. You want sex. Dirty, naked hot sex. It’s floating through your head as we speak. You think you can imagine what it would be like. Trust me you have no idea. I haven’t even started…”

This is an the start of a fantastic Urban Fantasy series that has everything you need, romance, mystery, adventure, magic and some brilliant writing from Team Andrews. I highly recommend you pick this up and give it a try, you won’t regret it!

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