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“This is what makes Roarke so special. His full acceptance of Eve as she is makes me love him even more. ”
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J.D. Robb hits a different stride with book forty two in the In Death series. Instead of murder, Eve is looking for a missing person when Dr. Mira’s husband, Dennis Mira is assaulted at his grandfather’s West Village brownstone. In an angry tirade because he learned that his cousin, Edward was meeting with a realtor to sell the estate off, Dennis arrives to a stunningly shocking scene with his cousin bloodied in a chair, wild eyed and afraid before he was knocked out himself. When he wakes, he is unable to find his cousin and despite his earlier animosity towards him, he turns to Eve to help him.

As Eve inspects the scene of the crime and digs deeper, several people are becoming clear suspects. But that is not enough for Eve since hours have passed and no ransom has been called in. Several blockades stand in their way, including Edward’s nasty wife who seems to be a suspect herself but as the story goes on, more details are revealed, complicating matters.

Typically with mystery and thrillers such as this one, I try to figure out the plot before it is revealed. But for this particular book I found myself actually sitting back this time, enjoying as I watched Eve figure this one out on her own. I don’t know if this was because there was no murder in the beginning, just a missing person or if it was the way it was written but this change of pace made reading this book all the more enjoyable.

As always, Roarke is right there alongside Eve, assisting her and reassuring her. I just love his character. As strong and independent as Eve can be, she needs her own rock to lean on when she needs to and Roarke has been that for her for years. One of my favorite scenes is a small one between Eve and Roarke. As Eve calls him to report that she got caught up in work, Roarke simply waves off the apology, completely understanding that this is what she does. This is what makes Roarke so special. His full acceptance of Eve as she is makes me love him even more. He doesn’t try to change her, to coax her to take some time off even though he can see that she is tired. Instead, he’s right there with her, watching over her the same way she watches over her city. He understands how important her work is to her and doesn’t stand in the way of letting her do it. It’s no wonder why Roarke is one of my all-time favorite heroes.




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