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“BREWED AWAKENING isn’t just an amazing book; it’s a masterpiece.”
~ Under the Covers

BREWED AWAKENING is the eighteenth book in the Coffeehouse Mystery series by Cleo Coyle and wow, if you think the other books in the series have been good, then you’re going to be in for a surprise.

Cleo Coyle is one of those authors that writes on a whole different level than everyone else. Not only are they skilled in narrative, but their plotting and pacing is out of this world. BREWED AWAKENING isn’t just an amazing book; it’s a masterpiece.

Coyle has done something completely different with this book, taking Clare out of the main narration role and giving others a chance. Since Clare isn’t at her best in this book, readers get to experience more from other characters that we love. In a way, it’s great because we can see different points of views, but I also found myself wishing that we had Clare’s point of view back. This book definitely feels a lot different than the other books in the series because of this, so there is that to take into consideration. But since this was such a unique idea, I really can’t complain. My eyes were completely glued to the pages and I couldn’t sleep until I flipped that last page.

BREWED AWAKENING is undoubtedly going to be of my top favorite books of 2020. Trust me when I say this, but this is not a book that you want to miss!


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