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“With every story that Ms. Loren writes I fall more in love.  And BREAK ME DOWN does not disappoint.”
~ Under the Covers

I was really looking forward to this story because I’ve been intrigued by Gibson and I wanted to explore more of the Domme psyche in this series.  I find it a bit fascinating to see the switch of power and often very hot!

BREAK ME DOWN is no exception to that rule.  Although I would’ve enjoyed seeing their story explored in more detail in a full length novel instead of a novella, I think Ms. Loren did an amazing job at making their dynamics work both in and out of the bedroom.

Both Sam and Gibson have a lot in their past that truly shaped them into who they are today.  And those pasts can be what stops them from being together.  Sam won’t hide her dominant nature anymore and Gibson has it ingrained in him that to submit would make him weak and after what he’s gone through, he can’t be weak.  This novella explores them getting over those hurdles and battling their own demons to get their HEA.  Because the pull is too much, and their chemistry too big to deny.

I always sound like I repeat myself when it comes to this author, and in a way I am.  With every story that Ms. Loren writes I fall more in love.  She’s one of my top go to erotic romance authors because her stories are always guaranteed to be extremely hot but that in no way takes away from the storyline, which is full of juicy and emotional layers that need to be peeled back slowly.  I cannot recommend this series enough.  And BREAK ME DOWN does not disappoint.

Favorite Quotes:

“So this was what a gazelle must feel like when a starved lion caught sight of her.”

“Wed on’t judge because we’re two jagged pieces that smooth out when we’re together.  It fits.  It’s right.”

“And you know why I want you so much, why I couldn’t move on?  Because you’re strong and sexy and smart.  And cocky as shit.  And you make me laugh.”  She laid her hand on his chest.  “And because there’s nothing that turns me on more than a guy who’s tough enough and confident enough to give up control to me.  I am a dirty and twisted and filthy-minded mofo.  I want to hurt you.  I want to make you beg.  I want to take over your body and make every part of it my own.  To see you desperate and coming like you were tonight.  Primal and messy and lost to it.  I want to push your edges and explore my own.  And I want you to be able to love it, too.  During and after.”

“The moment was perfect.
And beautiful.
And all too fleeting.
Hello.  Good-bye.
And as they settled next to each other in bed a while later, sleepy and sore and somber, she couldn’t say a thing.  What was left to be said?  Everything.  Nothing.”



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  1. Thanks for the review, I keep saying I’m going to start this series someday and I’ve even had my library get some of this series.